About Us and FAQs

The Bevy Box by WindsorEats is an awesome way to support multiple local producers and small businesses. We have partnered with amazing local businesses to put together some pretty great kits. 


When is the order deadline?

All orders must be in each week by 4:00 p.m. Tuesday for delivery that week on Friday / Saturday.

When will I get my order?

All orders will be delivered on Friday and Saturday. Orders within the City of Windsor limits will be delivered Friday and orders outside City of Windsor limits are delivered on Saturday. 

Why is my order not in a box?

Well, as you can appreciate, the program was rolled out quickly as part of our "pandemic pivot". To keep costs low for our customers during what is a financially tough time for many people, we've kept the packaging costs to a minimum to keep pricing more affordable. So, for the time being, a kraft paper bag it is. As the Bevy Box grows, we continue to make adjustments.

Can I choose what goes in my order?

No. Unfortunately we are currently not able to accommodate special requests.

Can I request a specific time for delivery?

No. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate special requests.

Can I add a special message?

Sure! Just add what you would like in the Notes section of your order and we'll add it to your order.

Is there a non-alcoholic option?

Yes, most of our kits contain a non-alcoholic option of soda. We also have a great locally roasted coffee kit.

Can I specify a delivery date?

If you need a Bevy Box delivered for a specific weekend, please indicate this in the notes and send us a quick email (pina@windsoreats.com) and we will do our best to make sure it happens. Keep in mind that deliveries in Windsor happen on Fridays and to the rest of the county on Saturdays.

Do you deliver outside Windsor and Essex County?

No. Unfortunately we currently do not deliver outside Essex County. You must live within Essex County to have a Bevy Box delivered to you.

How can a small business partner with the Bevy Box or WindsorEats?

Send us an email at pina@windsoreats.com

How do I contact you?

You can email pina@windsoreats.com